Nursing of early infants


A child is considered early if born earlier the put date obstetrical weight less than 2.5 kg and height up to 45 centimeter These weakened babies are born with immature respiratory and digestive system with imperfect regulators, because you need special service and nursing.

Immediately later birthday, a child is moved to a bed, heated, dry and closely inspected neonatologists who decides what medical look after a newborn. Normally babies born in the time with 32 to 37 weeks gestation keep a good survival rate, you are well adapted to life outside the womb and was usually completely catch up in the growth of their peers. Children born at term to 26 weeks, less adapted to independent living, susceptible to various physical and mental defects, and may be important delays in building compared with peers.

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Child bad breast-feeding - lazy sucker



When a child is not suckling pediatricians call it "lazy sucker." When a young inexperienced mum hears this "disappointing diagnosis," a 1-st item she does - run to the store for a bottle of the mixing and, sighing heavily, she did not succeed with breastfeeding.

Newborn and breast-feeding children who breastfeed bad may it be for a long time, then smacked, so fall asleep in a end they suck a small milk and poor weightiness gain, doctors typically within one answer - enter supplementation mixing. When it appears on the horizon a bottle from which to suck a lot easier than from a chest, even if it is with a small hole and has a anatomical anatomy, a baby starts to idle more and moving away with a fresh. If you enjoy a similar situation, but you do not require to lose breast-feeding, read our tips.

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Bad dream child


Many moms and dads approach a perception of poor sleep in infants however rule, blamed it on a baby's addiction to an unfamiliar environment, and find this to be quite rule. Poor sleep child may just be a reaction to stress can be caused by the physiological process of establishing links in a body and may be caused by improper leaving of the kid moms and dads.

Experienced parents noticed pattern betwixt a parents placed a babies to sleep and however they sleep. Those parents who get a child to give enough time to the strokes of a newborn, to help him to find a more comfortable posture to sleep, put the infants to sleep longer, but the infants sleep more comfortable and did not wake up at night however frequently. In a first time of adaptation to new experiences and a world, children want constant support, striving and tactile contact.

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Again, a like thing is not necessary. It is possible to easily do without it. Specifically if you possess small apartment and the extra area is not available.

We 1st newborn extremely well without a highchair. We lived together with their parents and a place in the room was highly little, and in the kitchen at all free, alone 50 area centimeter which also put him there? How do not have to purchase high chair. With the second baby, we moved to a more spacious apartment and decided to buy high chairs, but bought not just a babies's high chair, and a little infants's table and two chair (we have a newborn today 2) eat them more comfortable there than at the table, but it is not a mandatory purchase for the baby. At a table to eat them more interesting than separately. Читать полностью -->

What to buy for a new child - Bedding considering that a baby is sleeping separately:


1. Size mattress in a crib.

2. Blanket -2 units.

One soft, a second thinner, it can be even plaid.

We used a blanket with a filler and camel plaid.

3. The pad is not required. Closer to the year you can buy a newborn pillow. Or simply alter a old home of feather pillows - pillow newborn.

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